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New ways to look at learning and development


Actin Improvisation Showcase, Singapore

Our Values

Quiz, West End (Photo : Johan Persson)

Great theatre-making requires strong creative bonds and relationships – we have to be able to work together, collaboratively, with trust and belief in order to make meaningful, inspiring work that transforms the minds and hearts of our audiences. 

Actin is wholly committed to promoting and developing collaborative modes of leadership – leadership which is both practical, and sensitive, in relation to who we are, where we are, and who is in front of us. 

We believe all workplaces should be inclusive, creative environments, where everyone can thrive. Enabling dialogue and bringing clarity to difficult conversations is at the core of what we do.


Our company purpose is also underpinned by work our team has done with government and industry bodies; in conflict and post conflict-based scenarios; and within projects to promote positive social change and development. We bring these experiences to the corporate space to help equip leaders for a future that is more specifically focussed on people and planet. 

Our Approach to Learning

Holistic and playful - run in a safe space that allows you to take risks and challenge yourself

We bring unique, real-time learning and expertise from performance and storytelling to you and your communication. 

Actin sessions can be organised as part of a broader training at corporations or business schools. We will sculpt the narrative of our input to meet your training objectives. 

Focussed on translating know-how into behaviour – the empowered choices you can make

Bespoke – we engage with you; your personality and your objectives, with the sole aim of making you the most effective and authentic communicator you can be

Delivering long-term empowerment and ‘sustainability’ – we see to extend your learning and development far beyond your time in the training room

Our Services

From small group sessions of 6 – 12 people, to larger plenary formats, these offer a vibrant, participative learning environment in which the collective experience, coaching and feedback, are key components. Actin learning is always based in practical exercises and participants learn not just through doing themselves but vicariously through others.

Face-to-Face Group Sessions

Our remote learning has been carefully developed since early 2020, to address the shifts towards increased virtual communication and exchange.

Sessions are engaging, experiential, technology sensitive, and designed to develop participants skills online, as well as having application to in person interactions.

Virtual Learning

Whether you are preparing for a particular high-stakes event or want to your improve all-around game, our one-on-one coaching maximises individual attention and needs. These sessions are available face-to-face and online. 

One-On-One Coaching

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